Statement from Charlie Poggi – I  am pleased that the city has finally found a permanent home for it DPW garage by working with a willing seller to obtain a suitable site.

While the city has concluded negotiations with  Jefferson Street Partners – the negotiations between me and the administration have stalled months ago.

I want to thank the  four members of the city council who supported me and my right to develop my property for the past year, however, I am continuing to seek their support as I once again ask the city to release its grip on my property and remove it from the clutches of eminent domain.

I made every effort to negotiate in good faith with the city and it has been unproductive.

I hope that Wednesday’s bond ordinance will propel the city to terminate its eminent domain action against me and formally declare that I once again, own 1501 Adams Street. 

At the very least, I hope the administration will engage in conversation with me, since I haven’t heard from them since June.

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