May 18, 2022

The following statement has been issued for Charles Poggi by spokesman Thom Ammirato

Shortly before Wednesday night’s Hoboken City Council meeting, Mayor Ravi Bhalla issued a Nixle alert that updated residents about the city’s attempts to build a $190 million municipal complex at 1501 Adams Street, which is owned by Charles Poggi.

In his comments the mayor mischaracterized the tenor of “negotiations” between the city and Mr. Poggi and his attorneys Mayor Bhalla said that an access agreement was reached between the city and Mr. Poggi. This is not the milestone event that the mayor is portraying it to be.

Under the state’s eminent domain law, owners of condemned property must give access to government officials to inspect the property and conduct environmental testing.  Access to condemned property is mandated by state law. See below

If there was no eminent domain condemnation by the city, there would be no access agreement to 1501 Adams Street.

Mr. Poggi remains vehemently opposed to the government taking of his property

Section 20:3-16 – Preliminary entry

Prior to the commencement of any action, a prospective condemnor and its employees and agents, during reasonable business hours, may enter upon any property which it has authority to condemn for the purpose of making studies, surveys, tests, soundings, borings and appraisals, provided notice of the intended entry for such purpose is sent to the owner and the occupant of the property by certified mail at least 10 days prior thereto. No tests, soundings or borings shall be made on property in which there exists a pipeline or other underground utility installation except in the presence of a representative designated by the public utility owning or using the same. If an action to condemn is not commenced within 2 years after such preliminary entry, any damages sustained as a result thereof, shall be paid by the condemnor to the person or persons so damaged. The amount of such damages, if any, and the person or persons entitled thereto, shall be determined by the court in a summary action pursuant to the rules.

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