For 100 years, the Poggi family has been in Hoboken. The Poggi Press was founded by the grandfather of the current owner Charlie Poggi. Charlie’s father carried on the business, which Charlie now operates.

For a century, the Poggis have been good corporate citizens; they paid their taxes and provided meaningful employment for hundreds of local workers who supported their families on the salaries provided by the Poggi Press.

After three generations operating the Poggi Press, the business was crushed by Super Storm Sandy, as were many parts of Hoboken. Millions of dollars of valuable printing presses and other machinery were destroyed.

Charlie attempted to reinvest in new printing equipment, but the economic barriers of buying new presses were cost prohibitive after the flood. The multi-million dollar presses that Poggi sought to buy could no longer be reasonably insured.

For several years, Charlie sought to find new uses for the block-long site. More recently Poggi sought to rent space to other businesses in town that suffered damage in a fire. The city declined to sign off on Charlie's plans to repurpose the site – which has devalued the property.