( March 28, 2022) Charles Poggi, whose block long property at 1501 Adams Street, has been targeted for government taking by Hoboken officials, shot back at a city spokeswoman for “failing to understand the magnitude of the seriousness of the city’s abuse of eminent domain against me.”

Spokeswoman Marilyn Baer said in published report that the administration’s proposed mega-municipal complex on Adams Street is in the best interests of the residents and that the community and that the Poggi Press legacy could live on through the new public safety complex.

“With all due respect to the spokeswoman, what the city is doing to me and my neighbors has nothing to do with my legacy. It has to do with a tortured and secretive plan that has been working its way through city hall for months with no transparency.  I would like to point out to Ms. Baer that the government taking of private property is a serious matter that deserves much debate.  The city’s plan was being worked on for months; even as I was meeting with the city officials – at their encouragement – to present my own mixed-use development that would have included a new public works garage, affordable housing and a linear park. I learned only recently that I was wasting my time and my money.

“I wish Ms. Baer would stop deflecting and tell us the hidden part of the story – the part about how taking my property will benefit well-connected developers and, most importantly to residents, how much will the city’s monstrosity cost the taxpayers? “

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