The following statement was issued by the attorneys representing Charles Poggi on May 5.

Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s administration issued a Nixel alert on Tuesday (May 3) to Hoboken residents that mischaracterized the city’s negotiations with Charlie Poggi, owner of property at 1501 Adams Street, as part of a voluntary acquisition of his property by the city. That is NOT the case.

The City misstated the tenor of the negotiations, and it clarifies that the Bhalla administration is actively engaged in required negotiations with the property owner on the City’s intended condemnation of the property. The Nixle and City website have been updated.

Mr. Poggi opposes the condemnation of his property by the city and would prefer to redevelop the property himself.

Steven Revello

Why are we buying property for a new municipal building after selling municipal property to balance the budget in the past? Stop with these frivolous lawsuits and property grabs. Fix the flooding and parking problems.

Leon Gold

How long will Ravi stay in hoboken? A high tax bill should not be his legacy.

Beverly Margaux Cooper

Leon Gold, he should be impeached for his misuse of tax payer funds.

Maria Malo

What a waste of money! Try fixing the parking problems and floods in Hoboken. How about putting money in the homeless!!!

Denise Melli Guarino

Perhaps the administration should read the comments instead of a push poll survey asking about public amenities in a municipal complex. Public recreation amenities BELONG IN PARKS not in emergency management facilities. NO ONE except for Bhalla thinking about his personal legacy wants to DOUBLE OUR CITY DEBT for a complex required due to lack of maintaining existing facilities.

Mitch Melfi

What is the “reason” they are looking to decommission the HPD station, other than to sell the land to their crony developers?

David H Bates

Looks like a state university.

Michael Evers

The real question is: why we don't renege on the settlement; which was a terrible deal? I looked at the scrap of property we're trading prime property for, and I couldn't believe it. This is a complete rip off of the people of the City of Hoboken in general, and taxpayers in particular.

Mark Glass

Stealing private property is unethical.

Beverly Margaux Cooper

NO one wants this multi million dollar monstrosity! Is this retaliation for not getting your Taj Mahal/High School????

Adam Kramer

Shouldn't be built. Waste of money. Put this $$$ towards a new high school.